Visit our Rooftop Garden

Visit our Rooftop Garden

Experience a unique opportunity to enjoy restaurant dishes with ingredients from the garden! 

District American Kitchen and Wine Bar's rooftop garden is located on the fourth floor of the Sheraton Grand Phoenix, and overflowing with fresh herbs and vegetables.  As the garden is ever-changing seasonally, you can expect to see a variety of organically grown ingredients, including:

French Lavender              Rosemary                   Romaine

Basil                                 Lemon Verbena          Cauliflower

Sage                                Thyme                         Peppers

Lemongrass                     Cilantro                       Brussels Sprouts

Chives                              Mint                            Cabbage

Chefs incorporate these fresh ingredients into specialty cocktails and cuisine throughout the restaurant dining menus. Imagine the dishes you're enjoying boasting freshly-picked ingredients right from our own "back yard!" Make a reservation today to experience cocktails, appetizers, entrees and desserts containing items from our rooftop garden.

320 N. Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004